Personal Medicine

Each of us carries within us our own personal medicine. Learn how to re-connect with your personal power.

Hello, I'm Amanda Davie  and I created Red Medicine Rising. I'm a fully licensed massage therapist working here in the Appleton, WI area. It has been my dream to combine my love of holistic healing with a program that supports women in finding their own power and reconnecting them with their divine wisdom and personal medicine. I offer single day classes as well as a 7 month long Red Medicine Rising Program that is much more in depth.


"Healing and Curing are two separate issues. Sometimes we are seeking a cure, but what we really need is healing.  Our emotions and our feelings whether expressed or repressed, will manifest themselves in our daily lives through our body, our health, and our wellness. Getting in touch with ourselves, owning our challenges and doing something about them is the first step to health.". ​


Local Medicine

Far more potent than something you might buy from a seller in a far away locale. Learn about making medicine from plant allies  you might have growing in your own yard.

Sacred Crafting

Learn how and why making our own tools and sacred adornments brings empowerment to our daily lives.

Red Medicine Rising

Red Medicine Program